Every photo, a story: Sea of Cortez

It’s strange traveling around by boat: you have your home with you so it doesn’t feel like a holiday because there’s all the normal shopping and cleaning and maintenance and admin and bank stuff and other unexciting day-to-day stuff to deal with, but even though you’re in your home, you’re also a tourist in somebody else’s and you’re rarely anywhere long enough to feel like you really get it, like you have any real insight into life in the places you’re visiting.

Learning about the plants and sealife around us is fascinating and an endless source of interest and Instagram pictures. I’m intrigued too, though, by the stories we half glimpse as we pass through. Some places we’ve seen, loaded with human-ness and history, are public enough to explore without intruding too much: wandering around the uncompleted condo-development at Puerto Escondido, home to bats, wasp nets and stray cats, and the crumbling cemetery and abandoned house on the beach at Agua Verde, the air was heavy with interrupted lives and dreams. Sometimes you don’t need to know all the details to get a sense of what’s been, what might have been, and what’s gone.

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