New Year, old dreams

So here we are, already a few days into 2013 – which means this is the year I finally get back to Illusion and sail again. It’s now seven years since I left New Zealand, leaving the boat moored just off Auckland – I never planned to be away from the sailing life for this long. Life has a funny way, though, of turning things around and changing things up when you keep the possibilities open, and I’ve had all sorts of adventures in the meantime. But not a whole load of sailing, and no long-distance voyages.

Boats on Trout LakeYet I’ve kept thinking about Illusion, and trying to decide what to do about her. Should I sell her? Should I try to get her shipped back here? In the end, the pull of the ocean got me (and the outrageous shipping costs!). So I’m starting this year with the realization that it’s going to be another year of big changes, as I get back on the water and put Illusion through her paces. The nearest I’ve been to a sailboat in the last few months was watching these remote control ones on Trout Lake, in John Hendry park – a favorite spot of ours to go walking, running and cycling.

So happy new year to us all, and may this year be the one in which your long-held dreams are fulfilled!

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  1. I think I’m more excited about this than you are! Please let me know if there’s any way I can help the project along. Seriously!

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