Working at Rhizome I’d always thought of sailing as quite a solitary occupation – days out on the ocean with just the wind and the waves, all the time in the world to think and dream and wonder. So it surprised me to hear from Doug that one of the things he most loved about his past years of sailing were the people of all ages he met along the way and the sense of community they shared.

Here in Vancouver we’re always looking for ways to feel more connected to people. One place that does an amazing job of building and nurturing community is Rhizome Café, just a few minutes walk from our house where depending on the time and day you might find a yummy brunch, some live music, a book reading, a political gathering, or just a friendly spot to sit with a coffee surrounded by art, books, and cool people.

It seems appropriate to start working on our website here – remembering to look up every now and again, as their wi-fi instructions request, to smile at the rest of the world coming in from the rainy dark afternoon to take shelter in this warm, welcoming space.

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