Autumn in Vancouver

wpid-img_20151022_154341.jpgVancouver, consistently near the top of ‘best places to live’ lists, has so much beautiful, spectacular scenery that it can be easy to overlook the gorgeousness of your own neighbourhood. We’re based in Mount Pleasant, East Vancouver, which is a bit of a trek to the beaches and mountains that make this place so famous (and so expensive!), but we’ve been surrounded by amazing colours and stunning sights these last couple of months without having to walk more than a few blocks from our place. wpid-img_20151013_184603.jpgThe leaves are falling off now and the air is getting cold, so it seems like a nice moment to share some of the magical sights of the last few weeks and reflect on the lessons of letting go that this time of year is so good at. We’ve been learning to put video footage together and finally got round to finishing off a little video we started making in Autumn 2013. We’ve had a couple of important losses in our lives the last couple of years and wanted to mark them in some way. Here’s what we came up with:



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