Cruiser Guide to El Salvador Part 1: Arrival and practical stuff

When we set off from Vancouver in September 2017 with a plan to head south, El Salvador wasn’t really on our radar. We thought we’d probably make it to Panama for the hurricane season. In Huatulco and Chiapas, our last two stops in Mexico, we kept hearing other boats talking about the Annual El Salvador Rally and on an impulse we decided to check it out. We sent off a quick email, signed up as we were leaving Chiapas, and arrived here a few days later. That was last April and as you know from our recent post about daily life we’re still here! As the time approaches for this year’s rally and with people sailing down Mexico and making plans for where to be during hurricane season, here’s some info about what you can expect if you include El Salvador in your cruising itinerary. Continue reading “Cruiser Guide to El Salvador Part 1: Arrival and practical stuff”

A day in the life: Illusion and Isla Cordoncillo

As you probably already know, we’re still in El Salvador!

View from our dock just before we moved

We almost left right after Christmas, but after a final engine check we discovered 50 gallons of murky estuary water in the bottom of our engine room so the planned departure was delayed and we got to stay here to work on the shaft seal and see in 2019. Continue reading “A day in the life: Illusion and Isla Cordoncillo”